High to Hot Season: Coming Months Offer Incredible Weather, Conditions and Value at Arizona National Golf Club

Arizona National – one of the Tucson’s best golf courses situated in the high Sonoran Desert – is in peak season, and shortly after teeing it up, it’s easy to see why this time of year is so appealing to golfers, local or otherwise. The daytime temperatures hover around the mid-70s; the desert is alive with the sights and sounds of spring; and value just keeps getting better as the weeks go by.

Save with the Sonoran Card

The current rack rate is $90, and on May 1 it drops to $65 before settling to $40 on May 29 where it will remain throughout the summer until overseed in the fall. Not bad for off-the-shelf pricing at one of Arizona’s best golf clubs, and rates get even better with the Sonoran Card in hand: $65, $45 and $30 respectively during the same timeframe.

“Although we sell the majority of Sonoran Cards in the fall, it’s still a great value during this time of year,” said Dennis Palmer, general manager of Arizona National Golf Club. “The $99 purchase price is immediately offset by the complimentary round of golf and golf cap cardholders get on the day of purchase. And they also get discounts on food and beverage and merchandise.”

Not only does the cardholder benefit from special rates that amount to roughly a $25 saving per round, their three accompanied golf buddies do, too, which definitively sways the numbers in favor of the foursome after just a handful of rounds played.

Transition Time

The transition from the winter ryegrass playing surface to summer’s bermudagrass is another big item on the agenda. Palmer described it as “the major factor” in golf course conditioning during this time of year.

“We like to keep the transition process as natural as possible,” he said. “A gradual warmup is really helpful. When the ryegrass dies off slowly and the bermudagrass has a chance to replace it naturally, most golfers don’t even notice the change.”

What they will notice, however, are the climbing temperatures as the calendar flips through April, May and June. Good news is:  Arizona National sits at nearly 3,000 feet above sea level. This high-desert location substantially moderates the heat.

“We are blessed with an ideal climate for golf in Arizona,” said Palmer. “The combination of low humidity, elevation and consistent afternoon breezes create comfortable conditions through the late spring and early summer. It simply feels more comfortable than the temperature gauge shows.”

Now’s the Time to Tee It Up

Much of the buzz surrounding golf in the desert Southwest revolves around the winter timeframe – rightfully so – the weather is excellent right when it’s noticeably not just about everywhere else. But it’s also quite nice during the late spring, early summer season as well, so go play golf!

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The Direct Advantage

How you can save money by booking direct.

If you’re a golfer who likes to hit the road with your clubs, there are ways to avoid paying the often hefty fees associated with the sport.

Booking Direct

You are guaranteed to receive the best rates when you book online directly from the courses website. The booking engine allows you to make a reservation up to 90 days in advance at the guaranteed lowest rates available on the web. You can save up to 20% on your next green fee when you book direct with Arizona National Golf Club.  

The Direct Advantage
Booking direct saves you time and money.


Golf Course App

Downloading the courses app for your iPhone or Android device is free and easy. The new Arizona National Golf Club Course app makes paying for your next tee time, ordering from the beverage cart or buying a round of drinks after golf fun and easy!  A number of courses accept GolfCash.  With GolfCash you can get bonus cash as a reward for using it.


Booking a tee time is as easy as 3-taps and once you’ve setup your account the app will remember you its always 3-taps. You can always look up your reservations and cancel reservations if you need to as well.  When you book your tee time through the mobile app you are guaranteed the lowest rate available. Plus view and redeem your rewards or promotion codes anytime. Check rates, book tee times, get notifications about upcoming specials, or pay using GolfCash.

Email Specials

Get on the email lists of your favorite courses for additional exclusive discounts. Many courses offer specials unique to their email subscribers. Arizona National Golf Club offers a variety of specials for players who subscribe. When you book directly from the courses website or mobile app, you will automatically be added to the courses email list and will begin to receive these offers shortly after you played the course.  To subscribe to Arizona Nationals Email list click HERE.

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Frost Delay: A necessary step to prevent permanent turf damage

In an all-to-familiar scenario: Giddy golfers from the Midwest escape the frozen tundra for the green fairways of the desert Southwest. As they eagerly file into the golf shop, the pro behind the counter drops the bad news.

“Good morning guys. We are in a frost delay.”

Bewilderment, confusion and irritation typically follow this announcement. Understandably so, avoiding the frosty grip of Old Man Winter was the purpose of making the trip in the first place. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple; here’s a few facts to help break the ice.

Frosty Grass

While the average high temperature in Tucson December through February is a pleasant 66-70 degrees, the average low ranges from 42-45. And, a dozen or so times per year, they dip to 32 degrees or lower. According to an article in Golfweek, turf temperature lower than the surrounding air “causes moisture to condense on the grass during the night. If the temperature of the grass then falls below freezing, the moisture may crystallize into frost.”

By itself, this isn’t a problem; however, walking on the frosty turf certainly is. Each footstep damages the blades and ruptures plant cell walls. This is particularly pronounced on the tightly mown turf of the putting surfaces. They become no-go zones until the sun melts the frost.

To get a feel for the potential damage, next time your foursome makes tracks on a green covered in dew, note the countless footprints. If the dew was frost instead, the grass beneath most, if not all, of the footprints would be dead within a week or so.

“Staying off grass covered in frost is the key to avoiding permanent damage to the turf, especially on the greens,” said Dennis Palmer, general manager of Arizona National Golf Club and The Golf Club at Vistoso. “There’s simply no way around it. All we can do is hope it clears quickly, so we can get everybody lined up to tee off once it does.”

Given that Arizona boasts 300-plus days of sunshine each year, chances are good that “big red” will burn off the frost in plenty of time to get in all 18 holes.

Palmer went on to explain that there’s no way to predict the exact length of any given frost delay, so it’s “a good idea to arrive around the same time you normally would” and relax with a cup of coffee, get a bite to eat and watch the European Tour on Golf Channel in the clubhouse.

It seems counterintuitive to encounter a frost delay in the desert; rest assured, if there were any other way, the golf staff would be more than happy to oblige. Although golf is just a game, staying off frost-covered turf is a matter of life and death – for the grass!

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Playing Golf Anywhere Else is Pointless!

If you have ever golfed at Arizona National Golf Club it offers desert golf at its finest.  The golf course was designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. in 1996.  The golf course is nestled in the foothills of the beautiful Santa Catalina Mountains and abutting the Coronado National Forest. We are known as one of Tucson’s best public courses.

The price of green fees varies based on seasonality.  We offer multiple ways to view and book your tee time.  If you reserve your tee time online, you will find a lower rate than booking over the phone.  

For the convenience of our customers we offer a free mobile app to download.  The mobile app offers ultra fast tee time bookings with a new sleek design.  When you download the app, available on iTunes and Google Play, not only will you receive the lowest non-card member rate available but you can also receive exclusive offers and real time weather.  

The app allows you to pay for Green Fees, Cart Fees, Merchandise and everything in the golf shop.  We accept GolfCash, which is a new easy to way to pay for things at the course. Anytime you need to pay for anything at Arizona National Golf Course, just tell the staff you will be paying with GolfCash, enter the amount due and press PAY WITH GOLFCASH.  Instantly, the staff will be notified of your payment and you’re done.

GolfCash can also be gifted to a friend. It’s quick and easy to send your friends GolfCash as well and you get bonus cash when you gift to someone else.  This Black Friday when you gift a friend or family member GolfCash you will receive 10% Bonus Cash that goes directly back to you!

Getting the gift of GolfCash for a buddy isn’t the only thing you can do for your friends and family this holiday season.  How about a round of golf at Arizona National at the lowest rate guaranteed?  When you purchase the Sonoran Card you receive UNLIMITED rounds of golf at the preferred Sonoran Rate, along with UNLIMITED accompanied guest rounds at the preferred rate for up to 3 guest per day.

The Sonoran Card is only $79 for a limited time as the price goes up after the new year.  If you golf at Arizona National Golf Course often, purchasing the card at this low rate is a no-brainer.  You immediately receive a complimentary round of golf the day of purchase (estimated value of green fees saved ranges from $50-$68 depending on the day and time) and a complimentary tee gift.  You are automatically enrolled in our Bonus Points Rewards Program.  The Program is designed to earn points for dollars spent  on green fees and merchandise that can be used for free golf.


Receive 20% off on golf apparel and 15% off golf clubs and accessory items when you are a Sonoran Card holder.  Golf and Golf merchandise is not the only thing you receive a discount on but you also receive 15% off The Grill (excludes beverages).  

Interested in traveling and playing other courses around the Southwest?  No problem, with the Sonoran Card Travel benefits you receive reduced rates at other participating OB Sports managed facilities in Arizona, Las Vegas, Orange County and more!

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Don’t Have Time to Cook This Thanksgiving?

Join Us at AZ National’s Thanksgiving Buffet

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and appreciate good food with family and friends.  Who wants to spend time doing the cooking in the kitchen?  If you plan to make a traditional Thanksgiving meal, food preparation may start the night before (or even earlier if the bird needs defrosting) and what’s Thanksgiving dinner without its traditional sides such as: stuffing, mash potatoes, cranberry sauce… Each side takes time and preparation, planning ahead is important. If you haven’t set aside enough time the dinner may not be ready, depending on the size of the Turkey it could take up to 5.25 hours to cook.

If you haven’t put together a plan, don’t panic.  You can still enjoy the deliciousness Thanksgiving dinner has to offer at Arizona National Golf Club. Thanksgiving is the one time a year we can indulge.  Join us on Thursday, November 23rd as we will be hosting a Thanksgiving Buffet.  The Buffet cost $31 per person (not included tax or gratuity).  The buffet will be filled with a traditional Thanksgiving feast, featuring: roasted turkey with gravy, prime rib with au jus and cream horseradish, herb mash potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, rolls, corn, Brussel sprouts with bacon, deviled eggs and much more…  Dessert is also included with fresh pumpkin pie and pecan pie. Make your reservation today by calling 520.749.4402 or email jcordova@aznational.com.

Remember to come hungry or build up an appetite by playing our iconic 18-hole golf course, designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr in 1996.  The golf course is nestled in the foothills of the beautiful Santa Catalina Mountains and abutting the Coronado National Forest. To view available tee times, click HERE.